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Why Retailers are the Barrier to Speed to Market

The biggest problem with brands getting goods to market faster is the brands themselves.

Sure, increasing efficiency, digitizing the supply chain and moving manufacturing closer to consumer markets helps, but many brands don’t realize their own corporate culture is what’s keeping them back.

The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” doesn’t apply to retail today, because it is broken.

Online has put a wrench in things, consumers are changing their behavior and immediacy is king. Brands are being faced with demand for goods closer to season and straight from the runway into stores—and many really can’t keep up.

The fix most retailers seem to fancy is “be like Zara,” which has nailed the speed to market concept by producing closer to home, keeping things lean and empowering the right employees to make speedier decisions, eliminating the excessive and unnecessary delays bureaucracy can cause.

Unfortunately for brands that aren’t Zara, mimicry likely won’t work.

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