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Revtown Targets Women With New Goop Partnership

Revtown has only been around for a little over a year, but it’s already making big moves—and its latest involves a celebrity-led lifestyle company.

The brand recently announced a partnership with lifestyle company Goop after branching into women’s denim. In an interview with e-commerce and retail hub Multichannel Merchant, Revtown co-founder Henry Stafford identified Goop as the prime destination for the brand to make its name known.

“Where we sell is the most important thing that we can strategically think about for the next few years,” Stafford said in the interview.

Earlier this year, Revtown partnered with Nordstrom to sell its jeans in store, which in turn expanded its customer base in major metro areas—New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, to name a few. With its latest Goop partnership, Stafford hopes to take the brand even further.

“[First Nordstrom, now Goop]—we’re playing with the best,” he said.

The deal includes retail integration at Goop’s popup shops in Chicago and New York City and on the Goop website. It also includes a feature in the brand’s annual holiday gift guide, custom native ads and editorial integration across the site and social media.

The lifestyle brand led by Gwyneth Paltrow and followed by influencers, homemakers and yogis alike was a natural fit for Revtown, as its denim is made with a special blend of cotton, elastane and the same flexible yarn used in yoga pants—a favorite garment among Goop’s readers.

Revtown was founded in 2018 by a group of former Under Armour executives. The brand is on track to becoming a $100 million brand, Stafford noted, and it’s building out operations with that goal in mind. It’s focused on product expansion, brand awareness and partnership building.

“A huge goal of ours is to do well for our partners—Nordstrom; Goop; our manufacturers,” said Stafford. “The best relationships are when we do well and they do well. Continuing that is what we’re focused on for 2020 and beyond.”