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Riri Group Sets New Sustainable Standard for Zippers

Virgin polyester’s environmental pitfalls weigh on all parts of the denim supply chain, including trims. Brands are increasing their use of recycled polyester, while others are seeking alternatives to eliminate it from denim production all together.

Now, eight years after Riri Group introduced its first recycled polyester zipper tape, the Italian-Swiss trims company announced it is transitioning to exclusively use the sustainable alternative. Though other companies like YKK offer recycled polyester options, Riri reports that this move will make it the first manufacturing company in the fashion accessories industry to introduce the use of recycled polyester as the production standard for its zip range.

This transition to recycled fibers aligns with the company’s green approach, which sees innovation for the future as one of the main pillars of its corporate strategy. “This choice shows once more the ability of the company to develop products that keep in mind the environment whilst preserving functionality, reliability and that visual taste that the world of fashion requires,” Riri Group stated.

The recycled polyester used in tapes for zips is made from recycled polyester fibers—a blend of 20 percent pre-consumer waste and 80 percent post-consumer waste. All the recycled polyester is GRS (Global Recycled Standard)-certified, highlighting Riri’s commitment to choosing suppliers that meet the industry’s international standards.

By using recycled polyester as production standard for the zip range, Riri states will cut its carbon footprint of zip production by 3 percent, or the equivalent of 169 return flights from Geneva to New York.

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“We are proud of this step and the effect that it has on sustainability and the cultural change through which we approach the development and improvement of our products” said Renato Usoni, Riri Group CEO. “Our innovation is the result of a tireless research of low environmental impact materials, an approach that has been the foundation of our identity for many years, but that now is renewed once more to make another step toward the future.”

Style remains a priority for the company as well. Riri’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection offers three themes that represent different emotional responses to the pandemic.

Riri Group is the first manufacturing company in the fashion accessories industry to make recycled polyester a standard for its zip range.
Riri’s Timeless collection Courtesy

In Rejoice, the bright and vibrant colors of Buenos Aires are applied to zipper teeth and zipper pulls. Riri’s Rebirth line focuses on zips and buttons developed with natural materials and processed manually. Copper jeans buttons with a special water-based paint finish are part of the collection, as well as hemp-derived bio-plastic eyelets.

Design, materials and colors featuring in Timeless break away from seasonal trends to become collection mainstays. “Every piece is cared for in every detail, created specifically to leave a lasting mark,” the company described. Buttons, chains and pullers are either made of gold, silver or stainless steel. Tapes are made with “refined” materials such as leather and satin.