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Cone Celebrates 10 Years of S Gene Technology

Cone Denim is celebrating the 10th anniversary of S Gene technology with an innovation that speaks to the current demand for performance and sustainability.

The mill introduces S Gene+, an advanced power stretch denim made with 100 percent recycled polyester, making it the most sustainable superior stretch Cone Denim fabric yet. The fabric has the same cotton hand as Cone Denim’s other S Gene dual core products which are all cotton wrapped yarns.

“This newest stretch innovation brings sustainability to stretch,” said Kara Nicholas, Cone Denim vice president product design and marketing. “We are committed to developing S Gene denims using 100 percent recycled polyester content, offering a new level of eco-conscious denim to the marketplace.”

S Gene+ complements Cone’s range of recycled fabrics. “We have developed a range of different products incorporating recycled polyester and work closely with our customers to customize fabrics to meet their needs,” Nicholas said. She added, “We are seeing a shift more and more by brands looking to incorporate recycled components into their fabrics. We continue to focus on addressing these needs while maintaining the aesthetics, performance and hand of the fabric. With S Gene+ we have successfully combined all of these key attributes.”

Cone Denim’s S Gene fabrication was the first of its kind. Made with dual core technology designed to provide superior stretch and recovery, the yarns include two core components—spandex and continuous filament which optimizes stretch and maximizes recovery. The dual core yarn is wrapped in a spun covering to provide soft cotton hand and natural appearance with added stretch performance.

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“S Gene set a market standard for stretch denim performance and over time, we have been able to evolve and advance this technology to a wide range of fabrics offered across all of our four global manufacturing platforms, including Level II S Gene power stretch and ConeFlex four-way stretch,” Nicholas said.

S Gene fabrics were initially designed and targeted toward women’s brands to meet specific market needs within women’s, such as stretch fabrics that maintained its shape, while allowing for lighter weights and higher stretch fabrics. Today, S Gene is used for women’s, men’s and performance denim products. Nicholas said, “Our customers ask for the S Gene stretch collection by name and follow the newest S Gene innovations.”

“What has been so exciting is the sustained growth and success in the market of S Gene fabrics having evolved in their performance capabilities and growth into all categories of women’s, men’s and performance denims,” she added. “Demand has been continually strong and Cone Denim is approaching 100 million yards sold across the S Gene Collection.”