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Saitex: Benevolence in Business

From new denim constructions, weights and washes to the steps global mills are taking to reduce impact, Rivet's SS23 In Season Look Book: Denim & Trims has everything you need to know for a successful denim season.

Saitex CEO Sanjeev Bahl wholeheartedly believes that garment manufacturers and apparel brands can do well and do good for people and the earth.

Saitex is a garment manufacturer, specializing in denim and other over-dyed products, based in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, across the Saigon bridge, about 20 miles outside Hồ Chí Minh City. The privately held company is also planning facilities in the west, and for the future, CEO Sanjeev Bahl sees much promise in micro-facilities, which he says will allow for proximity to customers. That can speed up the design-to-production process, and can accommodate small-batch, customized runs, while preserving ethical and sustainable production.

Sanjeev’s vision for Saitex is not about “fast fashion” as many understand it now, however. When it comes to garment manufacturing “speed” and “profit” have garnered some brands a reputation for disposable clothing, where production comes at a cost to both humans and the environment. Rather, Saitex holds firm to the values of multiculturalism, ethical treatment of workers and sustainability—an ethos premised on the idea that a company can achieve high performance and growth while operating with respect for people and community, using processes that are gentle to the earth. The company is seeing significant growth, especially in the last 24 months.

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