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Scholars, Curators and Brands to Gather in Amsterdam for Denim on Stage

Denim’s great minds will host a one-day public conference in Amsterdam Oct. 30 exploring the evolution of denim. Denim on Stage: University Meets Industry at Denim City in Amsterdam aims to trace denim from its origins in the French town of Nîmes, through the American invention of the modern blue jeans to the contemporary global manufacturing and marketing of denim.

The event, taking place at Denim City, De Hallen Amsterdam, will feature speakers from America, Europe and Asia, including scholars, museum curators and representatives from denim companies based in Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the US.

Denim on Stage is open to anyone interested in the business history of fashion, as well as visitors in the city for Kingpins Amsterdam which takes place two days prior Oct. 28-29. A round-table will discuss the future of denim and the conference will open the floor for debate.