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Sean John Resurrects ‘Vote or Die’ Slogan Supported by Black Equality Initiative

When Sean John founder Sean “Diddy” Combs introduced “Vote or Die” during 2004, the blunt statement garnered the attention of young people and celebrities who wore the message on tees, but also drew the ire of conservatives who filed complaints that it was biased against then-president George W. Bush.

The social and political events that have been brought to light in 2020, however, are driving the label and parent company Global Brands Group (GBG) to revive the campaign with gusto.

On Thursday, Sean John relaunched the “Vote or Die” as a digital platform supported by stories and profiles of everyday men and women who are directly impacted by and feel strongly about injustices that continue to occur across America. Though the mission of the campaign in 2020 is the same as it was when it launched in the early aughts—to encourage eligible members of the younger generation and minorities to vote—GBG and Sean John are adding a series of new initiatives to support Black people’s rights.

Sean John Resurrects 'Vote or Die' Campaign and T-Shirts
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs at Manhattan’s 59th Election District Center to cast his vote for the 2004 election. Mega Agency

With future collections related to this initiative, Sean John and GBG will partner with selected organizations to channel 100 percent of the label’s net profits to programs and organizations that promote education, voter participation and grassroots empowerment, and career leadership and entrepreneurship within the Black community. They will also create an executive advisory board to guide and direct funding to Black professionals and entrepreneurs.

Sean John and Global Brands Group relaunched “Vote or Die” to support groups that promote voting, education and grassroots empowerment.
Vote or Die T-shirt

To support the launch, Sean John launched a capsule collection of two new Vote or Die T-shirts that will be available for purchase. The black or white tees retail for $20 and are accompanied by other graphic tees with the slogans “If not now when?” and “Black excellence.”

The T-shirt launch follows the brand’s debut this week in women’s wear through a partnership with Missguided.

GBG CEO Rick Darling said the company is committed to being a leader in social responsibility. “By collaborating across our business, we’re better able to have a positive impact within our industry and our world, and we’re very pleased to be working alongside Sean John on these new initiatives that will directly support the Black community,” he said.