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Selvadge Capitalizes on Industry Trends with Sustainable Raw Denim

Selvadge, the denim brand launched last year by Abdul Ahad Tumbi, got its name from two hot jeans trends, selvedge and salvage. Selvedge because all the denim is raw selvedge and salvage because the brand is focused in sustainable manufacturing.

While studying textiles at UT Austin, Tumbi, who grew up with a passion for denim, was discouraged to learn how harmful the production process was. When he started his own denim line shortly after graduating, he focused his efforts on sustainability and quality manufacturing.

Selvadge’s green manufacturing begins with the sourcing, which is all done in the U.S.—the denim comes from Cone Mills and the hardware is from Scovill. The jeans are then sewn in a factory in Los Angeles, and none of the jeans are pre-washed, resulting in savings of 2,000 gallons per pair of jeans.

The company extends its sustainable mission even beyond its own product by facilitating a recycling process. Jeans are sold in a canister with a return label, and the brand encourages you to send them back an old pair of jeans for recycling when you receive your new ones.

The brand dedicates a similar amount of attention to quality manufacturing. Their hallmark is a welt pocket lined with selvedge, and special constructions include hand-tucked belt loops and double bar-tacked edges for a rivetless construction. In addition, the jeans have a double position waistband that allows the wearer to adjust the pants’ size to adapt to the wearer’s fluctuations in weight.

For Fall ’16, Tumbi experimented with fashion-forward styling. The line includes denim with added interest like hand-pleated moto styling, racetrack stripes and two-tone contrast colors.