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Shady Business: Vicunha & Mosevic Create Denim Sunglasses

If you’ve ever dreamed of enjoying a sunny day in a pair of denim shades, now is your chance.

Brazilian denim giant Vicunha Textil has teamed up with Mosevic, a British company specializing in denim sunglasses, to bring to market ‘Solid Denim’ sunglasses, made of 100 percent resin-infused layers of denim.

The limited edition sunglasses by Vicunha x Mosevic come in four frame styles: ‘Cassini L,’ ‘Cassini S,’ ‘Burnell’ and ‘Kepler’. The glasses are made using several dark blue layers of denim that are bonded together, and are then solidified using resin.

The two companies say the glasses were made in the name of sustainability: the handmade products are made from 100% BCI cotton from the Brazilian factories, while the frames of the solid sunglasses are made at Mosevic’s own workshop in Cornwall in the U.K.

“We became aware of these innovative denim sunglasses last year, right after Mosevic launched. A fantastic idea, which we as a global company instantly wanted to support and encourage. But this collaboration isn’t just about promoting a young, innovative business, but also about the production of a cool, socially responsible product. You could say it’s like recycling, but on the very highest level with the best ambitions, style and coolness, combined with environmental protection and social responsibility,” said Thomas Dislich, managing director of Vicuhna Textile for Europe and Asia.

The models cost £169 and will be available starting May 9.