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Siwy Denim Rolls Out Spring ’16 Line

Online women’s apparel retailer Siwy Denim has announced the launch of its new Spring 2016 line, including a comprehensive range of jeans, skirts, short shorts, chinos, dresses and tops for women.

The Spring 2016 collection boasts a wide range of women’s jeans in several types of fits, from slim and skinny fit to pedal pushers. There are also full length and cropped jeans to choose from, to accommodate the warmer weather. The brand offers multiple colors and washes to choose from, including the large-banded Calypso wash, Olympia wash, La Lune wash, and more. The colors range from white to the classic blues and even black, with silver and gold metallic accents.

Spring ’16

According to Siwy, the right mix of cotton, polyester and lycra ensures the slim and skinny bodies fit perfectly to accentuate curves, while the 100 percent cotton apparel offers classic, high quality feel.

The short collection includes an array of colors and designs to help women make the most of the warmer spring weather. From black to red and various shades of blue denim, the shorts are also available in a variety of washes. The range includes skirts and dresses as well.

For those who are unsure of their size, the Siwy Denim website provides a fit guide to help ensure the perfect fit. The ordering and shipping process has also been streamlined, offering free shipping all across the United States and a hassle-free return and exchange policy.