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Skinny Jeans Sends Woman to Hospital

There is a fine line between sexy and unhealthy when it comes to skinny jeans. A woman was recently hospitalized for days after her jeans cut off her circulation, reported CNN.

A study by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry documenting this woman’s story said that squatting in skinny jeans can damage nerves and muscles in the legs.

The woman in question had been helping a relative move and was squatting for a majority of the day. On her walk home, her feet went numb, and she fell. At the hospital, the doctors were forced to cut the jeans off her calves because they were so swollen.

Dr. Thomas Kimber, who had administered her care, commented that the tightness of the pants forced her muscles to expand inwards and compressed her blood vessels and nerves.

The woman spent four days on an IV before she was able to walk again.