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Snoopy and Levi’s Sends a Message of Acceptance

What does it take to nab bespoke denim from Levi’s? A fashion exhibit and a nostalgic place in the hearts of generations.

Levi’s teamed up with Peanuts to create custom outfits for Snoopy and his sister (who knew?) named Belle. The outfits will be featured in “Snoopy and Belle in Fashion,” an international fashion exhibit that will also feature outfits by Kenneth Cole, Christian Siriano and Anna Sui.

Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab Tailor Shop in San Francisco stitched together denim jackets, jeans and equality-themed T-shirts for the plush dolls that will debut at Denver’s Cherry Creek Shopping Center this month.

“We love Snoopy. We were inspired by something we found from a 60’s peanuts cartoon that said ‘Dogs accept people for who they are.’ That resonated with our values at Levi’s,” said Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s head of design on Levi’s Unzipped blog.

Levi’s affection for Snoopy dates to the 80’s when the brand first created threads for the pup. Before athleisure was ever a trend, the brand created workout gear for Snoopy to celebrate the 1984 Summer Olympic Games.