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Spot On: Richer Poorer and SPY Collaborate

Eye spy matching socks and sunnies.

California-based brands Richer Poorer and Spy have teamed up to launch Spy x Richer Poorer Trancas, sunglasses constructed from handmade acetate with a unique transparent polka dot pattern on the temples. A corresponding polka dot pair of Richer Poorer socks is included.

“One of the things we often talk about here at Richer Poorer is elevating everyday products through quality and design, so having the opportunity to partner with a company like SPY who has a similar vision was a lot of fun,” said Richer Poorer President Tim Morse. He added, “Like socks, sunglasses tell the story of your personality and mood. We’re happy to have partnered with SPY to create a piece that’s not only fun and distinct aesthetically, but delivers on quality in every way.”


The sunglasses are equipped with Spy Happy Lens, a color contrast enhancing lens technology which is said to improve the wearer’s mood and alertness. The glasses come in a premium leather case and leather leash.

The collaboration is available now at Spyoptic and retails for $160.