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S/S 18 is Equal Parts Fashion and Function

Fashion and function are equals for Spring/Summer 2018—a season that is distinguished by fabrics that can outsmart the environment, be equally soft and strong and still look good after years of wear and tear.

The potential for performance denim with wellness benefits is just at the beginning stage, according to Advance Denim. The Chinese mill is taking cues from the athleisure and outdoor markets, pivoting its focus on developing and integrating brand new innovations from Lenzing, including TENCEL® C and TENCEL® Sun.

Advance Denim teamed up with Lenzing to develop TENCEL® C denim. Chitin is the most abundant polymer in nature after cellulose, and it is its derivative chitosan, a waste product from the shellfish industry that is added to the cellulose solution before the TENCEL® fiber is extruded. Well-known in the cosmetic industry for its ability to alleviate itching, regulate cells and protect the skin, chitosan also boasts an antibacterial effect. Results from Lenzing’s testing show that it promotes the retention of moisture on the surface of the skin thus aiding skin well-being and renewal.

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