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This Startup Is Making Contouring Denim With a Lower Environmental Impact

Achieving the right denim fit could be a hassle, however No Denim Denim is offering consumers a new jeans alternative designed to contour various body shapes.

U.S.-based fashion company Apparel Society Chicago launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce No Denim Denim, a range of pants that offer the same look, feel and fit of traditional denim, without sagging, tightness or color transference.

Apparel Society Chicago used proprietary body contouring technology and air dye print technology to develop No Denim Denim. The company aims to provide consumers with jeans that fit properly and don’t leave a negative environmental footprint.

“We wanted to continue the time-honored look of denim, but in an effort to replace obsolete manufacturing, environmental deficiencies and common fit, feel and aesthetic issues,” Apparel Society Chicago said on its Kickstarter page.

The proprietary body contouring technology is a core focus for No Denim Denim. The line, designed in the U.S. and made in Japan, was created to ensure a slim and contoured appearance for consumers’ body shapes. The company spent months analyzing body shapes and developing patterns for the pants to achieve the right denim aesthetics. To realistically replicate the look and feel of traditional denim, Apparel Society Chicago’s process uses custom shading, low-lighting and highlighting in each pair of pants.

A high tapered waist and adjustable side zipper enable the pants to adopt to each consumers’ individual body shape. In addition, each pair of pants features breathable fabric that is odor, stain and wrinkle resistant for optimal comfort and all-day wear.

The brand steps away from traditional denim manufacturing by omitting the use of pigments, water, indigo dyes or after washes. Through air print technology, Apparel Society Chicago prints directly onto the fabric and replicate the appearance of denim. The company said the process retains colorfastness and leaves no residue after laundering.

No Denim Denim is available in three colors: light, medium and dark. Sizes range from XS to XL and retail for $128 per pair.