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Bangladesh Denim Expo Talks Sustainability & Growth

Bangladesh Denim Expo, the two-day denim trade show in Dhaka, concluded on April 26 with high hopes to attract more global buyers, particularly from the United States and Europe, using the latest sustainable technologies and fashions.

Organizers, exhibitors and buyers expressed their satisfaction with the expo and how it will help Bangladesh make its denim business more sustainable through reducing environmental risks. As part of the expo, a total of three seminars and a panel discussion were also held at Bashundhara Convention City in Dhaka to discuss further sustainable development of the denim industry.

“The aim of Bangladesh Denim Expo is to improve the country’s reputation as a reliable denim manufacturer. The expo has been successfully doing this and it has already become a much-awaited event in the international denim calendar,” said Mostafiz Uddin, founder and CEO of the Bangladesh Denim Expo.


Tonello Managing Director Flavio Tonello reported that Bangladesh uses less water, recycles water and uses safer and cleaner chemicals to facilitate the overall development of the sector. “It will help Bangladesh boosts its denim exports in the global market,” he explained. “Producers use less water for better products. Washing out garment items with safer chemicals is important for the denim business.”

Echoing Tonello, Berke Ayaemir, production development manager of Orta Anadolu, said there is no alternative other than to establish a greener denim industry. “The entrepreneurs will have to establish the eco-sustainable denim to keep their business growth continues,” Ayaemir explained.

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In recent years, Uddin said more state-of-the-art “green” denim mills and factories have joined the industry with outstanding capabilities to meet present and future market demand.

However, competitive pricing has also contributed to the growth of Bangladeshi denim exports in the global market in the recent years. “The exports of Bangladeshi denim products have increased significantly in the global market recently due mainly to lower prices offered by the local producers,” explained Amy Leverton, designer, denim trend analyst and author of Denim Dudes.


She said Bangladesh is becoming more important sourcing to the global brands and retailers particularly from the United States and the Europe because a good number denim units have already been set up in the South Asian country.

Attendees also lauded the show’s focus on trend analysis, saying that it has helped guide them in their designs and orders. A specially-designed trend zone was set up at the expo for the first time and showed the latest evolutions and innovative trends that will rule the denim world for the next seasons.

Leverton added, “Local denim makers should focus on latest style to grab greater market share in the Western world.

The next expo will be held in Dhaka on Nov. 8-9, 2016.