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Is vertically integrated manufacturing a gateway to a more sustainable future?

For Soorty, the Pakistan mill with a strong U.S. and European client base, it’s fully-vertical capabilities have been an essential key to designing the innovative and quality products its value-seeking customers want. “We are always a step ahead when it comes to innovation and responsible production,” said Ahmar Zulfiqar, Soorty manager of technical development.

Soorty’s vertically integrated denim manufacturing facility offers clients a complete sourcing solution from yarn to finished denim garments, including laundering, sampling and testing at an on-site lab. The mill also recently opened a product development center in Amsterdam to be closer to the trends. For more than three decades, producing over 3.2 million meters a month, the mill has been relied upon in the industry to provide denim that adheres to quality assurance guidelines, as well as creating denim that resonates with the competitive market.

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