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Sustainability Starts with Fiber: Mills Explain Why

Whether you call it a trend, a nuisance or a necessity, denim mills and brands realize sustainability is a cost of doing business.

“We’re all aware that brands have been in search for ‘sustainably produced’ fabrics for a while,” said Ebru Ozaydin, Artistic Milliners director of sales and marketing.

As a vertical denim company with the first LEED garment factory in Pakistan, Artistic Milliners has an opportunity to monitor the demand for more sustainable product from both sides—fabric and garment.

“It is not only using better ingredients such as BCI Cotton, Lenzing fibers and other sustainable fibers, but also a better process, which means to design the product in the most responsible way from the beginning,” Ozaydin added.

Most of the brands that Mexico-based Kaltex supplies with fabric and garments actively pursue the implementation of new sustainable processes. Alvyda Kupinas, Kaltex America design director, said brands look to the mill to help with the development of these new products.

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