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Amal Clooney’s Sister Is Making Protective Denim Masks

The mounting intensity surrounding COVID-19 has sparked an anti-viral fashion trend in the form of protective face masks, gloves and gear represented by the likes of Naomi Campbell.

Tala Alamuddin, founder of the fashion brand Tala by Tala Alamuddin and sister of human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, got involved in the movement last week with a collection of stylish face masks and hand sanitizer pouches sold exclusively on the brand’s website.

“Le Masque” is available in a medium wash denim, as well as a variety of leopard and camo prints, and comes in kids’, medium and large sizes. The hand sanitizer pouch, called “The Sanity Stasher,” is available in a neon yellow “Yo Yo Leopard” print, and a vast collection of leather and printed fabrics.

Masks retail for $33 and pouches retail for $35-$55, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Red Cross Singapore to support those affected by the coronavirus. The products were first promoted on the brand’s Instagram page on March 5.

“Lets face it all together with Le Masque and The Sanity Stasher (perfect for hand sanitiser and tissues). Stay safe and stow in style! Both items available March 8th on our website, and a portion of all sales will be donated to the @sgredcross, in support of their efforts to aid those directly affected by the Coronavirus. We are honoured to partner with them. ❤ #TALA #totallyTALA #riserockrepeat,” the caption stated.

Tala Alamuddin, fashion brand founder and sister of Amal Clooney, launched a line of masks and hand sanitizer pouches some call insensitive.
Tala by Tala Alamuddin @totallytala/Instagram

Some are deeming the move insensitive, with one commenter calling them “tacky and tone deaf,” and another accusing the brand of “trying to profit off a tragedy while giving pennies to the Red Cross.”

Tala spoke with Hello! magazine on Monday to discuss the products and clarify her motives, explaining that masks are a “staple” throughout Singapore, where the company is based. She added that they are not medically certified nor intended to protect individuals from the coronavirus.

Tala by Tala Alamuddin launched in 2017 and has been profiled by publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.