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Tencel Fibers In the Beginning

A look back in time with some of the designers who first recognized the fashion potential of a fiber ahead of its time and who early on embraced one of its key qualities: sustainability.

In 1992 TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers came on the scene full of promise and its qualities attracted fashion designers, including Adriano Goldschmied, Sigrid Olsen, Jhane Barnes and others, like honeybees to a flower.

“For me, as a designer, it opened my eyes to the versatility of the fabrication, creating a whole new category of business in the casual arena,” Sigrid told Carved in Blue.

Carved in Blue asked some designers who were there during the early days of TENCEL® fibers to describe their encounter with a textile that was derived from wood pulp and carried such diverse characteristics. Many remember when they first encountered TENCEL® fabrics—at a conference or show or at a mill—and all remember how it felt.

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