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Tencel Fibers in the Future

For 25 years, TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers have influenced denim design by expanding its potential in fashion. Now and into the future, with sustainability one of the most critical challenges for the apparel industry, fabrics with TENCEL® fibers have the ability to be highly relevant for many decades to come.

In the early years of TENCEL® fibers, it took creative designers interested in revolutionizing fashion to recognize its potential, and determined makers and mills willing to work out its quirks to help them realize it. A quarter century on, TENCEL® fibers is now an essential fiber for denim makers interested in escalating its performance and feel, from the mass market to the luxury space.

Carved in Blue spoke with some of the designers who discovered fabrics with TENCEL® fibers when it was still new to market. We’ve already written about their first encounters, and now we share their thoughts about the future of TENCEL® fibers

Bottom line: For 25 years, TENCEL® fibers has helped to change denim design, by expanding its potential in fashion, and that progress continues.

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