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Textile Recycling Could Save Apparel From Its Dirty Ways

Apparel has been called dirty and wasteful and most likely to contribute to the overflow of landfills. But the industry is trying to give itself a better name and textile recycling might be its ticket.

At a Texworld USA seminar this week, expert panelists discussed latest efforts in using recycling to help create a more closed loop apparel process—essentially using recycled materials and giving them new life in new garments.

Wasting no time getting the point of apparel’s waste predicament across, Sourcing Journal senior editor Arthur Friedman said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says 26 billion pounds of apparel and textiles end up in landfills each year. This despite the fact that the Council for Textile Recycling says 95 percent of used clothing could be recycled.

The apparel industry has no small problem on its hands, but the solution could yield big results.

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