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The Doctor Is In: DL1961 Launches “Digital Denim Doctor” Kiosk

Premium denim label DL1961, known for innovating denim with technologically advanced fibers, is applying its tech genius to the way consumers shop for jeans.

The company announced Thursday that it has launched a first-of-its-kind kiosk exclusively at Nordstrom’s Michigan Avenue location in Chicago that features custom RFID tags, 360-degree imagery, Smart Denim filters, and a “Digital Denim Doctor” that offers “prescriptions for the perfect fit.”

DL1961 creative director Sarah Ahmed said, “The Digital Denim Doctor Kiosk is a way for customers to not only make the process of denim shopping easier and less intimidating, but also find the pair of jeans that’s going to outperform everything in their closet.”

Based on an algorithm that filters through DL1961’s collections, the Digital Denim Doctor is equipped with a user-friendly interface specifically created for the customer to input their body type, fabric preferences and lifestyle needs. Subsequently, the consumer receives a “prescription” with a personalized selection of denim.

Shoppers can also tour the collection from a 360-degree perspective, as well as in a traditional fitting room, and can view a “blueprint” of the denim, which offers detailed information on the benefits of each style.

Customers have responded favorably to the kiosk, the company reported. About 200 customers are said to have used the kiosk to find their perfect fit in the first few hours of business.