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These Jeans by 3×1 Have All the Bells and Whistles Millennials Need

The 5-pocket jean is getting a 21st century update. New York City-based denim label 3×1 partnered with award-winning designer Joe Doucet to create a jean that considers the modern-day essentials that men and women carry with them each day.

The jeans feature microfiber pockets for cleaning devices and a slightly larger coin pocket to accommodate credit cards lined with RFID blocking fabric to protect private information. A 3M reflective black 8-inch strip runs down the center back leg for extreme reflection while commuting in low light, the brand described. The strip is revealed when the jeans are cuffed.

The men’s and women’s jean is made with 12-ounce stretch selvedge denim from Kurabo and features a white selvedge ID. Honey stitching and matte silver buttons and rivets from YKK keep the jeans simple and classic. Jeans retail for $395.

jeans with reflective tape
3×1 3x1

Doucet is the founder and CEO of Othr, a design brand that re-examines the ways products are developed, manufactured and purchased. He has received numerous international awards, including a World Technology Award for Design Innovation and multiple Good Design Awards.

Denim brands are regularly adjusting designs to better suit new consumer behaviors and trends. Security technology firm Norton teamed up with Betabrand to launched jeans with RFID-blocking front and back pockets. Muji’s men’s and women’s jeans feature a hidden sixth back pocket for a slim phone.

Levi’s Commuter line for men and women includes water-repellent, flexible jeans that have a reflective tape for safety. The brand brought utility to a new level with the Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker, a jacket made with weave touch-sensitive fabric that allows the wearer to connect to their mobile device by just a tap on the cuff.