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These Smart Leggings Help Your Jeans Fit ‘Like A Glove’

While smart clothing startups like Fitcode are using apps to help women find the perfect jean, competitor LikeAGlove is going one step further and actually bringing the jean customization process to the front door of the consumer.

For $39.99 (soon to be upped to $99.99), women are sent a pair of leggings with built-in sensors to measure their figure. An accompanying iOS or Android app then does all the work and the numbers are used to calculate a women’s exact size, including waist, hips, inseam and more.

LikeAGlove promises that women will then be able to shop their database of more than 2,000 jeans, though the company has yet to announce what brands will actually be available at launch.

Orders placed before Dec. 1 will be delivered in Q1 2016 while everyone else will have to wait until summer 2016.