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Tommy’s Drop Shop Debuts in Europe with a Focus on Graphic Design

Up-and-coming graphic designers lent their artistic talents to the Tommy Hilfiger brand with a highly anticipated drop earlier this week.

Avant-garde collaborators Jonny Banger, Mago Dovjenko and Toby Evans co-designed the first release of Tommy’s Drop Shop, a new platform for creators from all areas of the pop-culture community to collaborate on limited-edition micro-capsule collections. Each drop features basics such as gender-neutral hoodies and T-shirts reimagined with creative artwork that are only available in a maximum quantity of 500 units per style. Each item is made from 100 percent organic cotton or recycled cotton.

“Pop culture has infused everything we’ve done for over 35 years,” said Tommy Hilfiger in a press release. “Tommy’s Drop Shop takes this influence to new heights. The platform allows us to collaborate with even more creatives, tell even more inspiring stories and celebrate even more perspectives and walks of life. It is the embodiment of what we love to do, and I’m so excited to add it to our legacy.”

The first drop features two styles from each co-creator, including a T-shirt with a Tommy Hilfiger logo “flipped on its head” and a hoodie with an illustration of gloves worn by the late R&B artist Aaliyah, designed by provocative lifestyle brand Sports Banger.

The drop also features a T-shirt and hoodie featuring psychedelic and graffiti-style art designed by Dovjenko, a creative director, graphic designer, illustrator and digital influencer. Evans, founder of Studio Zome, also designed pieces within the drop, including a T-shirt and hoodie that tell the story of Hilfiger’s alternative life.

The brand announced Tommy’s Drop Shop in October after an active year of establishing aggressive sustainability targets and diversity pledges. The brand debuted the initiative to enable young, upcoming talent to share their passion within “specific pockets of creativity,” such as stencil art, photography, music, tattoos, video design and poetry.

The release is now available in Europe exclusively on, with a second release scheduled for February.