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Tommy Hilfiger Reveals Tommy’s Drop Shop

Legacy brand Tommy Hilfiger is unafraid to try something new.

A steady cadence of collaborations allows the brand to plug into various consumer demographics, while its adoption of virtual showrooms and digital sampling make it one of the largest to embrace these more sustainable and efficient strategies—and in the process—help advance the technologies across the industry.

Now, Tommy Hilfiger’s latest endeavor keys into two topics important to Gen Z: drops and diversity.

The PVH Corp.-owned brand is launching Tommy’s Drop Shop in Europe, a new concept that centers around micro-capsules of gender-less T-shirts and hoodies designed collaboratively with a community of creatives. With a maximum quantity of 500 units per style, the drops are designed to sell out quickly and build up anticipation for the next.

Each micro-capsule will be grouped into thematic stories based on a specific type of outlet for creativity from traditional mediums like graphic design, stencil art and photography, to music, tattoos, video design and poetry.

Echoing Tommy Hilfiger’s platform “Make it Possible,” a set of 24 targets outlined across four pillars centered around inclusivity and circularity, Tommy’s Drop Shop aims to demonstrate the “importance of creative diversity by celebrating the rich tapestry of people, voices and cultures that makes the world a vibrant and inspiring place to exist,” the company stated. Additionally, all garments will be made with 100 percent organic cotton.

“Creative collaboration has always been at the heart of our brand, and over the last five years we’ve fused this with a “See Now, Buy Now” mentality that really puts the consumer at the center of our creative process,” Tommy Hilfiger said in a statement. “Tommy’s Drop Shop combines the best of these approaches with a new level of speed and energy.”

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The first Tommy’s Drop Shop release will become available in Europe in limited quantity exclusively on on Dec. 8.

Giving artists a platform is also part of Tommy Hilfiger’s campaign to support the World Wildlife Fund’s water stewardship program. The brand is hosting a charity auction for 24 T-shirts digitally created by friends of the brand using 3D design software to prevent textile waste.

Each of the 24 collaborators is a brand ambassador from the worlds of fashion, music, arts, entertainment and sport, applying unique interests and backgrounds to the project.

Tommy Hilfiger and the World Wildlife Fund run water stewardship programs in China, Vietnam and Turkey. The auction on will begin on Oct. 23 and will run for 10 days.