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Tommy Jeans Welcomes Back the 1985 Crest Logo

Tommy Hilfiger’s latest drop schools Gen Z-ers on the brand’s preppy roots.

The company recently released the Tommy Jeans Crest capsule collection, a men’s and women’s range of denim, sportswear and outerwear that pays homage to the brand’s iconic crest emblem.

The crest—a lion, sword and laurels logo—was created in 1985 for Tommy Hilfiger’s first collection. “In Europe many of the families have a family crest, and I thought it would be great to create a crest for the family of Tommy Hilfiger,” the brand’s eponymous founder said in a video.

His inspiration was simple, he said. Hilfiger studied Swiss-German family crests and noticed many featured lions, swords and laurels. He translated the traditional design to classic sportswear pieces like sweatshirts, tees and baseball caps.

“The crest dresses up the garment in a way, but with Tommy Jeans it has a preppy slant to it,” Hilfiger said. “It’s got an old English twist to it. It’s very sporty, young, street but regal.”

Tommy Jeans
Tommy Jeans Tommy Jeans

The capsule collection offers a broad sweep of “It” streetwear items including hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jean jackets, chunky sneakers, backpacks and fanny packs.

The men’s line includes dad jeans, white denim overalls, a plaid button-down shirt and a plaid bomber jacket. The women’s collection offers a striped rugby shirt dress, a plaid puffer coat, a corduroy skirt and velour separates.

With nostalgia driving streetwear and youth trends, Tommy Hilfiger has been dialing it back with original ’80s and ’90s silhouettes, logos and washes.

In 2016, the company reintroduced Tommy Jeans as a throwback capsule collection. The following year it rebranded its Hilfiger Denim label as Tommy Jeans with an emphasis on streetwear pieces featuring its signature red and blue flag logo.