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Tonello Launches Core Technology for High-Performance Products

Tonello is taking another step toward sustainable garment finishing with a new technology, Core.

Ten years in the making, Core is a new fully automatic garment finishing system capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects.

The technology comes with sustainable benefits. Core drastically reduces water use, making it possible to create special dyeing with an extremely low environmental impact, with a 1:1 liquor ratio. Tonello claims that the system reduces water consumption by 96 percent and the use of product by 50-80 percent.

“This new technology can be applied to Tonello washing and dyeing machines of various sizes and is capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects that bring out the full potential of a garment,” Tonello stated.

The rapid process can be applied to a broad scope of high-performance products including: eco-softeners, anti-stain and wrinkle free products, anti-static softeners, resins for 3-D whiskers or creases, water and oil repellent products, anti-UV and antibacterial products and easy care and skin products.

The system is fully interfaced with the machine and can be implemented in any production cycle without interrupting the process. The process requires no special preparation.