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Tonello Fosters Innovation With New Creative Area

Experimentation, creativity and innovation are intrinsically linked. Italian garment finishing technology company Tonello aims to fuel all three with the opening of its new Creative Area.

An off-shoot of the Research Center located at Tonello’s headquarters in Italy, the new space was developed to help brands and designers turn their ideas into reality through experimentation, trial and error, special effects and washes.

The area is located near Tonello’s high-tech laboratory with access to the entire range of Tonello machinery for garment washing, dyeing and finishing and near its production plant. Here, brands can get a complete view of all the treatments that will allow them to achieve thousands of technological possibilities and effects.

“They will see an entire collection developed following some defined concepts, without losing sight of the sustainability factor,” said Tonello Marketing Executive Alberto Lucchin.

The collection of garments will be updated twice a year with a strong focus on details, thanks in part to support and input from Massimo Falaguasta, a denim expert with more than 30 years of experience in Martelli Laundry.

“There will be also a space dedicated to an exposition of some of the technologies that have made history in the denim finishing industry and an area dedicated to the latest collaboration projects we are involved in. All of this, supported by a high-tech laboratory where brands and designers can see first-hand how garments are treated,” Lucchin said.

Based on a “craft shop,” the Creative Area will also act as a hub for training and where denim experts can meet and share their knowledge and skills. The Creative Area was developed in collaboration with denim guru Piero Turk. Lucchin said Turk strongly influenced the entire concept, from the starting input, to the development of the collection and the conception of the different spaces.

“This new creative area is the natural outcome of our philosophy: a concrete service for our customers that goes beyond the simple fact of being a manufacturer of machines,” said Alice Tonello, R&D manager of the company.