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Tonello Introduces Multicolor Laser for Denim and More

Garment finishing technology company Tonello is touting its new multicolor laser that can color denim with a new collection called Prism.

The multicolor laser technology uses a special resin that is applied to fabric through Kit Batik, which is then permanently imprinted on the fabric through a special setting of the Tonello laser. The technology ensures penetration and reduces waste. The laser can create color and contrast effects on a broad range of fabrics, including denim, leather and seamless fabric.

The Prism collection of fabrics showcases the full range of effects achievable by the special resin and Tonello’s laser, and highlights two of the company’s most sustainable technologies, Kit Batik and Laser Blaze.

Aside from denim and ready-to-wear garments, Kit Batik can be used to create color and special dyeing effects, or used to apply resins, eco-softeners, soil release, anti-stress, wrinkle free, water and oil repellent products, and more.

Laser Blaze, Tonello’s more recent laser machine, recreates vintage effects such as whiskers and localized wear. It can also create patterns, patches and tri-dimensional effects. The technology is especially crucial to denim for its ability to treat all four positions of jeans and applying a naturally worn look.

“Multicolour Laser is a truly revolution for the laser finishing market because it changes completely the concept of laser itself, until now used only to discolour or cut the fabric,” said managing director Flavio Tonello. “Thanks to the in-depth study conducted by our research centre, we can now color garments with laser, achieving results never seen before.”