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Tonello Launches First Online Laser Design Shop

Tonello launched its first online shop with laser designs and graphics for denim. The goal of this project is to save brands significant costs in equipment and personnel; the designs can be used on any machine and used for everything from a sample order to a large production order.

In addition to offering designs that are seasonal updates on established designs, the company can create custom designs. Brands can send in photos of vintage garments that they would like reproduced, with effects such as whiskers, abrasion and authentic wear. Tonello can also work together with brands to create a design.

The shop also offers ready-to-use designs that can be employed immediately after downloading. These designs come with a data sheet for washing and tips and guidelines for getting the most out of the design the brand chose. Tonello offers assistance on step-by-step implementation from a laser technician for every design purchased.