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Tonello Taps 10 Designers to Create a Denim Gallery

Ten designers from around the world used denim as their canvas to create the Tonello: Denim Gallery.

Exhibited at Kingpins Amsterdam and the Blueprint Festival on April 21-22, the gallery highlights the diverse ways designers express themselves through using Tonello technologies, including Laser Blaze, ECOfree, NoStone and more.

Designers from schools and brands submitted abstract concepts and designs to Tonello, which then set out to create visual reinterpretations through their manual and technological applications. For Tonello, marketing director Alberto Lucchin said the project was an opportunity to consider denim in new ways.

Designer Serena Conti asked Tonello to create a lettering effect through laser and hand embroidery to create her jeans based on love and war.

Japanese designer Mika Mitarai was inspired by Toyko’s bright lights and grittiness. Tonello used NoStone to achieve the jean’s authentic stonewash and Lazer Blaze for a vintage effect, and crystals for a starry night feel.

The Denim Gallery can also be viewed on Tonello’s social media. The company hints that it plans to follow up the first installment of the exhibition with a sequel.