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Was ‘Trainspotting’ Responsible for the Skinny Jean?

Skinny jeans have been a denim staple since the 90’s. While many have claimed responsibility for the skin-tight pant, a new player seeks the coveted title of inventor, according to Time Out.

Ewen Bremner, the actor who played Spud in the cult-classic film ‘Trainspotting,’ attributes the film’s costume designer, Rachel Fleming for the cut.

“Our costume designer Rachel Fleming basically invented skinny jeans for men with ‘Trainspotting,’” Bremner told Time Out. “They didn’t exist before! She would take women’s jeans and re-stitch them, or men’s jeans and cut them apart and re-stitch them. That was down to her, that whole movement!”

While the jury is still out on who’s responsible for the style, this makes for an interesting addition to the list of contenders.