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LA Brand Triarchy Adopts Candiani’s Biodegradable Stretch Denim

Sustainable denim brand Triarchy is the latest to go plant-based.

The brand just became one of the first to go to market with Candiani Denim’s patented plant-based Coreva Stretch Technology. The biodegradable stretch denim is created from organic cotton yarns wrapped around a natural rubber core.

Triarchy’s bio-stretch denim will be available at retail beginning in March.

This isn’t the Los Angeles-based brand’s first foray into eco-conscious design. Triarchy’s collections are made with Tencel, 100 percent BCI cotton and recycled metal hardware. Additionally, Triarchy jeans are sustainably produced using a recycled water treatment system. Meanwhile, the brand’s Atelier line is made from vintage repurposed denim.

“We abandoned stretch denim last year because even if the plastic is derived from recycled sources, it still creates an end-of-life problem—meaning the material is very difficult to repurpose and reuse,” said Adam Taubenfligel, Triarchy co-founder and creative director and a 2019 member of the Rivet 50. “Essentially, it’s using old garbage to create new garbage.”

This means Coreva Stretch Technology is now part of a women’s, men’s and runway collection. Denham the Jeanmaker debuted Coreva Stretch Technology in its “Life is Movement” collection in November, followed by Stella McCartney, who will include the technology in the Fall/Winter 20-21 collection.

“By utilizing Candiani’s pioneering of plant-based yarns to create this bio-stretch, we can now re-introduce stretch denim into our family of sustainable products, taking creation and end of life into account before we bring anything to market,” Taubenfligel said.