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In the Details: A/W 18-19 Trim Trends

The desire to unplug, speak out and find enjoyment once again is reflected in trim trends for Autumn/Winter 2018-2019. The top trend stories for trims were on display last month at Munich Fabric Start, which emphasized the need to lighten up fashion with elements inspired by nature and childhood.

A playful collection of trims called “Kidult” invites grownups to rediscover their inner kiddo. The theme calls for a fearless approach to color, patterns and prints, including oversized zipper pulls, geometric patterns and hints of glitter. Expect to see combinations of yellow, blue and red with Lego-like bumps and grooves. Color blocking is use to create simplified back patches. Novelty themes are carried into a range of trims and embellishments with hologram-like finishes.

Fashion slows down in a trend Munch Fabric Start calls “Offline.” In a time determined by the internet, big data and online communities, consumers find charm in simple, low-tech comforts. Cozy and sensual materials, including wool, fleece and fur allow connections to the outside world. Shades of gray, along with winter pastels enhance the story. Trims can be both oversized or deliberately reduced.

For a stronger outdoor look, calf hair leather labels, wood grain-inspired patches and honeycomb patterns add a natural textural component to trims. In the trend story “Bohemian Trappers,” trim suppliers elevate classic autumnal details with activewear elements, including tech-y zippers and rubber coated hardware. Inspiration is also drawn from the aristocracy of England and the world of North American trappers, which is seen through the use of dark florals, crests and plaid.

The category gets serious with strong messages about female empowerment and resistance. Emotionally charged statements are expressed through patches, appliques, buttons and pins—some inspired by the Women’s March which took place across the world in February. Expect to seem feminine trims and colors cross over into menswear, as men’s fabric and silhouettes become more fluid. Sequins and iridescent materials are mixed with super hero expressions like “pow.”

Fashion takes a stand in a trend story which Munich Fabric Start calls “Liberation.” The rebellious theme includes a touch of underground design with statements about human rights and politics prominently featured. Black, white, red and dark metallics help tell the story, as well as punk-inspired hardware, patches and patent leather.