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In the Details: A/W 18-19 Trims

What makes one pair of jeans stand out from the next? Some may say its in the trims.

For A/W 18-19, trims companies are once again pulling inspiration from the athletic world with rubberized textures, bright colors and technical materials. Elastic bands, camping cords and chains come from the outdoor market.

Wool and fleece labels, pillow-like hangtags and fuzzy yarn details enhance wintery denim. Back patches made of leather are updated with streaks of silver paint. Titanium-inspired hardware and coatings speak to premium men’s brands, while translucent buttons, multi-color oily finishes and iridescent or opalescent colors are targeted to women’s and juniors’ brands. Companies reveal a playful side with 3-D effects and charms dangling from buttons.

Meanwhile denim continues to be inspired by its roots. Indigo colored labels, hearty leather patches with thick contrast stitching, denim hangtags and dip-dyed braids are key to heritage brands’ collections.