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Trinidad3 Focuses on Local Production for Holiday Collection

Veteran-owned denim brand Trinidad3 Jeans has been listening to consumers all year, starting with a pivot to mask production during the Covid-19 pandemic and debuting American selvedge denim in July. And now, it’s answering their calls with a special holiday collection that is its largest and most sustainable offering to date.

The men’s collection features an assortment of jeans, jackets and T-shirts, as well as new styles that capture the evolving needs of the post-pandemic consumer: freedom of movement and comfort, looser fits and a greater emphasis on sustainability.

New pieces include a stretch version of its popular Brine athletic taper and Boyer bootcut featuring a wide-leg opening. Both jeans are made with 8 percent stretch non-selvedge denim from the now-shuttered White Oak Plant in Greensboro, N.C.

In an effort to trim its own sustainable footprint, Trinidad3 consolidated its supply chain by using locally sourced materials and trims. It also worked on minimizing its waste by ensuring more precise demand planning, which helped cut down on excess and reduced costs.

“Most of our goods are sourced from within a few square miles of our factory, so we don’t even need to arrange shipment of anything in bulk. This not only saves thousands of dollars, but also saves the environment from huge amounts of impact,” said Joe Lafko, Trinidad3 Jeans managing partner. “In a city like L.A., doing everything we can do to minimize the CO2 and smog effect is something we’d like to keep front of mind.”

The collection followed the same approach as its earlier drops, extending it to wholesale retailers before offering it on its own website. Trinidad3’s retail partners include Moorman Clothiers, Granger Owings, Untucked OBX, L.E. & Chalk, Harley’s for Men, GRAE Clothing, Kinkade’s Fine Clothing, Franklin Road Apparel and others.

Offering retailers exclusive access to a collection before making it available on the brand’s own e-commerce site is a strategy that has Lafko’s strong support. “I’m glad our partners had the chance to offer something exclusive to their customers,” he said. “This retailer-first initiative is going to remain for the foreseeable future, as we feel it’s a huge benefit.”

And there’s more news in the pipeline, Garcia added, alluding to an upcoming collaboration with actor Vincent Vargas, as well as a new partnership with “I cannot wait to see what the rest of this season holds,” he said.