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Trusty Trading & Archroma Launch a Sustainable Pocketing Solution

A solution to the denim industry’s water usage problem could be in your back pocket.

Hong Kong-based pocketing and lining company, Trusty Trading Company, collaborated with Swiss garment chemical company, Archroma, to introduce a sustainable alternative to traditional pocket dyeing.

The new Eco Pocketing range is made with a “waterless” dyeing system using Archroma’s Optisul C dyes and technology. The result is fashion effects created with minimal or no water use.

With Archroma’s dyeing process, Trusty reduces its water consumption 89 to 94 percent, while carrying on its tradition for allowing retailers and brands to showcase their logos or incorporate other branding and fashion elements into their garment’s pockets.

“Pockets have the power to change the future,” said Denny Zhong, Trusty Trading managing director, in a press release. “Brands can immediately provide more sustainable alternatives to their customers and help preserve water for today and future generations.”

Water and energy savings are validated with Archroma’s One Way Calculator, a three-prong measurement tool that examines water, energy and carbon dioxide consumption.

For deep to medium shades achieved with Optisul C dyeing process, Trusty slashes its water usage by 94 percent, energy consumption by 54 percent and CO-2 emissions by 61 percent. Pale to medium shades require 89 percent less water, consumes 45 percent less energy and emits 51 percent less CO-2 compared to other reactive dyeing processes.

Optisul C dyes are sulfide-free, Bluesign approved, GOTS approved, ZDHC MRSL compliant, Oeko-Tex compliant and EU Ecolabel compliant.