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Twin Dragon Denim Mills Debuts New Moisture-Wicking Denim

Twin Dragon denim mills announced Tuesday the company will integrate Sorbtek, a moisture-wicking performance fiber from Unifi, into its men’s and women’s denim collections.

Twin Dragon believes the new performance fiber, which will be available at the mill’s Mexican and Asian facilities, will be a major innovation in denim comfort, as the yarn keeps the wearer cool, while also protecting against stains like sweat and grass.

The Sorbtek fiber will also be blended with Unifi’s Reprieve fiber, which is created from recycled plastic bottles and uses less energy and water compared to virgin fiber production, furthering Twin Dragon’s sustainability efforts. Some denim from the line will also be made with Twin Dragon’s pre-reduced Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing, rounding out a sustainable collection.

“Wicking performance capabilities in the athletic wear market have experienced a 70 to 80 percent growth over the past decade. Yet, the denim industry has not caught up or implemented the same capabilities in the jeans category,” said Dominic Poon, CEO of Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc, adding the denim will give consumers the benefits they’re used to getting from their yoga apparel and sweatpants.

The company reports the new denim using the Unifi fibers outperformed previously available denim in third party lab tests.

“Twin Dragon Marketing has created a high-tech Sorbtek Reprevev denim that provides superior moisture-management properties,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand/premium value-added (PVA) sales for Unifi. “We are proud to work with Twin Dragon Marketing to develop a product that features the performance attributes demanded by today’s consumers, in addition to being environmentally responsible.”

Next, the company plans to offer performance denim that cools in the summer while also insulating in the winter, giving shoppers year-round comfort.