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Twin Dragon Stays Cool with Cool Link Denim

Twin Dragon understands that growth in the denim industry is reliant on textile innovations—especially advancements that stay ahead of the curve and consumer demand.

The mill’s newest performance denim, Cool Link, part of Twin Dragon’s Temperature Control Collection, provides a solution. The fabric possesses strength but can also keep the wearer cooler at the same time. The denim features cooling properties that can move away moisture, as well as sweat and grass soils six times faster than cotton alone.

Produced in Mexico, Cool Link is made of plied yarns, for durability and strength, and cotton yarns woven with blended fibers containing Repreve, a sustainable recycled-polyester fiber, and Sorbtek, a smart fiber that catches and quickly releases moisture to the surface. Additionally, the denim has six percent mechanical stretch.

In the last few years, Twin Dragon has placed an emphasis on max performance stretch denim using Lycra and Lycra T400 for their stretch and recovery benefits. The fabric has been adopted by many major women’s accounts, primarily for skinny cuts, however, going forward Victoria Krawiec, Twin Dragon marketing coordinator, said she sees it being used in more women’s styles and in men’s. The stretch fabric, Krawiec noted, has the authentic denim look consumers, especially men, continue to crave.

“Consumers will grow to want stretch,” she said. “It will be a new standard.” Many consumers already have. Krawiec said more low- to mid-range denim brands are choosing to call out these attributes on hangtags to incentivize consumers to buy. Meanwhile, many brands in the premium category don’t because their consumers already expect that level of quality.

European runways are driving slimmer silhouettes for men, which skate and younger markets in the US can relate to, but overall Krawiec says men in the US remain conservative. Still, shapes and tastes are shifting, and consumers are looking for denim beyond indigo skinnies.

“What I haven’t seen are boyfriend jeans in colors—that would be an awesome trend to capitalize on,” she said. After seasons heavy with indigo, Krawiec said she expects a resurgence in color denim. Twin Dragon is preparing for it with its newly developed sateen—a modal and rayon jean with a buttery hand feel.

Indigo may take a backseat to color in future seasons, but Krawiec sees no end to denim. “Denim will always be around. It is always the most reliable and relatable bottom-weight fabric.”