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Unspun and Collina Strada Drop an Ultra-Exclusive Collection

Unspun’s fit technology is behind a new ultra-exclusive collaboration

The robotics and digital apparel company teamed with New York City-based label Collina Strada to drop butterfly-themed jeans on Thursday. They will produce and sell just 30 pairs of the $600 jeans.

The design is based on a version from Collina Strada’s Spring/Summer 2023 runway show called “Milkweek.”  The baggy fit jean is made with 100 percent organic cotton and with multi-color rhinestone embellishments—an element found across the inclusive brand’s collections. 

Consumers can purchase the jeans on both brands’ websites. The made-to-order jeans will take about five to six weeks to produce.

To get a custom fit, the wearer must complete a body scan using Unspun’s iPhone app to create a digital model. The iPhone projects over 30,000 dots of infrared light onto the body resulting in a “hyper-accurate” 3d body model.

Collina Strada x Unspun Custom Fit jean

The collaboration aligns Collina Strada founder Hillary Taymour’s commitment to inclusive sizing and design and Unspun’s mission to reduce fashion waste and create inclusive custom-fitting jeans. 

They first joined forces last September to create four pairs of custom jeans for Collina Strada’s New York Fashion Week show. The collaboration marked Unspun’s first appearance at a major fashion week. The oversized, baggy styles were made with GOTS-certified 100 percent cotton 12.5 oz. ecru fabric from Candiani and vintage light and mid color 100 percent organic cotton 13 oz. fabrics from Evlox, which were finished with Tonello’s All-In-One laundry system. 

Collina Strada previously worked with Levi’s to upcycle vintage and deadstock 501 jeans and Trucker jackets with seasonal motifs from stars to color swatches to crystals.