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VAV Technology Develops Robots for Sustainable Denim Finishing

VAV Technology, the German denim machinery and robotics company, is releasing two new robots in an effort to make the denim industry safer and more sustainable.

The two new robots, the Da Vinci OB48 Spraying Robot and the Eraser MD48 Scraping Robot, address two major issues in the denim industry; the potassium permanganate spraying process has resulted in micro particles that are breathed in by workers and cause lung problems, and the hand-scraping process is a labor-intensive and costly method of manufacturing.

To develop the robots, the company used a system that is able to copy human movement called the Clone Mac 10AX, which replicates the movement of human hands and implements these patterns in their robots.

The Da Vinci OB48 Spraying Robot takes the place of the need for potassium permanganate spray with a robotic arm that imitates human movement and sprays water-based chemicals in a standardized manner. The machine can handle approximately 6,000 pairs of jeans per day.

The Eraser MD48 Scraping Robot executes what was traditionally manual scraping work, while increasing the production capacity to approximately 4,000 pairs of jeans per day.