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Veepee’s Creative Lab Drops First Upcycled Collection

Veepee, the French flash-sale retailer, is giving new life to partner brands’ unsold products.

The company’s Upcycled Solutions (US) creative laboratory unveiled its first collection of one-of-a-kind garments designed by upcycling pioneer Maroussia Rebecq. 

The unisex collection came together with raw materials exclusively from Veepee’s stock. The garments are made from pieces deemed too damaged for sale in their original state as well as “dormant stocks” from past collections. Some brand partners also supplied deadstock for their own inventory to join the “sustainable makeover.” 

For the collection Rebecq set out to reinvent the everyday wardrobe. Fabrics include denim, jersey and poplin. The line spans basic T-shirts, a cocktail dress, a bomber jacket and unisex denim pieces including jeans and shorts. The denim has a streetwear edge with tonal patchwork, loose fits and moto details.

Veepee credits Rebecq with launching the upcycling movement in France more than 20 years ago. By sharing her experiences and insight with the retail company, together they aim to scale upcycling and “push further the revaluation of surplus” in fashion, starting with Veepee’s warehouses. 

“US is a unique way of recreating,” Rebecq said about the laboratory’s potential to transform business models.

Retail prices for the limited edition styles start at 35 euros, roughly equivalent in dollars. Veepee describes the positioning of the US collections as “accessible luxury” and said the prices are calculated transparently according to the time spent on each garment.

The first drop will be available on Veepee’s website on Oct. 28. Pieces will be delivered before Dec. 25. 

Additionally, with each drop the retailer will release a limited-edition, artist-designed T-shirt screenprinted at the US workshop.