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Vetements Deconstructs Levi’s for Spring ’17

Rivet’s 2021 winter issue has dropped! This in-depth issue examines the steps the global denim industry is taking to minimize its impact on the environment, from implementing zero waste production and design processes to establishing greenhouse gas emissions goals aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Levi’s was one of the 17 brands deconstructed by Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia for the avant-garde label’s Spring ’17 collection.

For the collection, which debuted on Sunday at Paris department store Galeries Lafayette, Gvasalia partnered with leaders in various areas of fashion, including Hanes, Reebok, Juicy Couture, Manolo Blahnik and Brioni.

Vetements reworked each of the other brand’s items to fit its own style. Gvasalia told The New York Times, “We’d get pieces, cut them up, send them back and get shocked emails that said, basically, ‘What happened?’”

Gvasalia told The New York Times that the intention was to save time and focus on design concepts after the brand moved the Spring ’17 show up from October to July. Besides Vetements’ dresses, every piece in the collaboration is double-labeled and branded.

The collaborative pieces with Levi’s featured pairings of jean jackets and jeans that had been cut and resewn to create unusual details like uneven cuffs and an exposed zipper that wrapped from the jeans’ waistband to below the crotch. The collection also included an oversized denim jacket and cut-off shorts paired with thigh-high boots.

Vetements is in charge of the sales, distribution and pricing for all the collaborative pieces, which will lead to interesting escalations in price for some of the mass market brands. A Champion hoodie from the line retails for $775, The Times reported.