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Vetements to Discontinue Runway Shows

Avant-garde denim purveyors, Vetements, announced that the it will no longer produce runway shows, according to a Vogue report.

“We are not going to show in the classical system anymore,” Denmna Gvasalia, Vetements’ founder, told Vogue. “I got bored. I think it needs to enter a new chapter. Fashion shows are not the best tool,” We did the show in the sex club, the restaurant, the church. We brought forward the season, we showed men’s and women’s together. It’s become repetitive and exhausting. We will do something when there’s the time and the need for it. It will be more like a surprise.”

The Gvasalia brothers are taking time out of the spotlight to focus on business development and mental health, according to Vogue’s report. Gvasalia relayed that the company has grown so rapidly in the last five years, that the brand has started to transform into something else. Gvasalia wants the brand to return to its roots.

“For the first time last season, I was able to watch our own show from a balcony,” Gvasalia told Vogue. “I could see everybody filming it on their screens. I realized that 80 percent of the clothes we did were not really seen or understood. And it cost so much. You cannot put on a show for less than 25,000 euros (around $28,000). That one cost in the region of 100,000 euros (around $113,000), with the venue. And there are brands now putting on shows around the world that cost millions. I think it’s a complete waste.”

Vetements fans need not worry about future designs, however, as Gvasalia urged that the brand will continue to put out collections, just debut them in a more intimate way. This June Vetements will premier a collection in its Paris showroom, with only a “young band from Vienna” playing at the event.