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Vicunha Aims for Retro Futuristic Performance

The blurred line between digital and reality influences Brazilian-based mill Vicunha’s direction for Spring/Summer ’18.

The mill’s Z Nation collection features fabrics that represent the intersect of the urban and online world through both performance denim and retro futuristic” appearances like contrasting textures and small flecks achieved by acid washing and marble effects.

Technological fabrics, breathability and high stretch are part of the trend, as well as light coatings that provide functionality.

Differential dyes, which offer flexibility and a high elasticity, are the main feature of Vicunha’s high-performance fabrics. High stretch fabrics are extremely soft to the touch and possess recovery properties.

Athleisure styles resemble denim but boast the comfort of a sweatshirt.

Meanwhile high performance items offered in a broad scope of weights adapt to climatic changes and keep the skin dry and cool.

Z Nation is part of Vichuna’s diverse S/S 18 collection, which also pulls inspiration from the ocean and youth culture’s fresh new take on pastel colors.