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Vicunha Focuses on Vintage for Asian Market

Vicunha Textil will be one of the 28 companies to meet at the sixth annual DenimsandJeans trade show in Bangladesh on Oct. 5-6.

Under the show’s theme “Vintage Recall,” mills like Vicunha plan to present vintage-inspired collections and heritage washes. The Brazilian-based mill revealed it will illustrate elements of androgyny as more labels are choosing rigid denim for women and stretch denim for men.

Some of the key fabrics for Vicunha include the Grover, a 10 oz. textile made from recycled cotton and with less water waste; the Knut, a heavy weight 12.7 oz. twill; and the Marina, a 10.3 oz. denim that comes in multiple shades and washes and can be used for both menswear and womenswear.

Vicunha’s collection for DenimandJeans is specifically selected to attract manufacturers serving the Asian market.

“In view of the country’s strong potential in the clothing industry, our primary focus is to further boost business with Bangladesh. We are still very proud of flying the Brazilian flag there and therefore continuing to underline our pioneering role on the global denim market,” said Thomas Dislich, Vicunha Europe and Asian managing director.