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Vicunha Shows A/W 17-18 Denim for Hippies, Hackers & Headboys

Brazilian denim mill Vicunha released the 15th edition of Vtrends Magazine with trend analysis for Autumn/Winter 2017-18. The magazine outlines four key trends that play with ideas of environmentalism, sustainability, nostalgia and the virtual world and explains the fabrics that accompany these ideas.

“Discovery of the Wild” is inspired by indigenous cultures and nomadic peoples with influences ranging from Native Americans to cowboys and military members. Vicunha explained that this trend is inspired by the movement toward the essence of humanity and nature, as a reaction to our culture’s excessive consumption and information.

The look is a mix of workwear and sport clothing, made from 100 percent cotton denims featuring marked diagonals and structured weights. The fabrics are characterized by an intense blue color and possess a soft hand; they are decorated with fringes and embroidery and are treated with destruction, patches, fraying and grating. The fabrics have colored finishes that include green, yellow and brown and textured surfaces and stained washes for an organic look.

Discovery of the Wild

“The Dreamers” celebrates democracy and youth and the dialogue between generations. The collection is based in nostalgia, youth and romanticism and takes inspiration from diverse styles including hippy, nautical and collegiate.

The fabrics focus on flat surfaces with satin brightness in medium blues for a super retro look and are made from natural fibers like viscose and lyocell with comfort stretch. Raw denim is also incorporated with tailoring from the 60’s and 70’s. The fabrics are decorated with multicolored and sparkly applications, combining neat cuts and fits with bright and contrasting ornaments. The collection also includes amber tones punctuated by electric blue and burgundy.

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The Dreamers

“Design Experience” reflects on the environment and encourages creations that take into account consumption and more conscious production. These fabrics embrace art, sustainability and technology and are conscious about the use and reuse of materials. The designs focus on maximalism and minimalism with geometric shapes and the cutting and mixing of materials. The fabrics range from raw and black denim to délavé. Black and white are the main colors for the trend, complemented by off white, gray, navy blue and beige.

Design Experience

“Open Source” is a reference to movements within the virtual environment, including cyberpunks and hackers. The look takes inspiration from 80’s and 90’s streetwear and uses a mix of materials and geometric cuts. The fabrics are high-tech with functional characteristics, including multi-directional stretch and a soft touch. The trend includes fabrics with a leather look and uses metal and colored objects as decoration. The fabrics also feature special dyes in deep blue and black, complemented by purple and burgundy. Contrasting with the shimmer of some fabrics, others have discrete rips and frays.

Open Source