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All In the Family With Vincenzo Marrocco

We’re continuing our summer series, “All in the Family” and looking at just how deep blue runs in family blood lines, and these families are often to thank for the rich culture and heritage the denim industry comes with.

This time we’re talking to Vincenzo Marrocco, son of Saverio Marrocco, former North America Director of Sales at Candiani Denim, who’s credited with bringing the Italian denim name into the U.S. market.

Vincenzo has made his own way, now the USA sales manager for Blue Diamond Denim Supply, importing premium denim and knit fabric from China. And though his path was different from his father’s, Vincenzo never moved far from the denim roots he’s known all his life and his connections in the sector are what denimheads dream of – he worked right alongside Adriano Goldschmied, after all.

For the Marroccos, denim has been all in the family, and here’s a look at that storyline through Vincenzo’s eyes.

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